About Us


A wedding filmer is a storyteller; The soul that crafts each tale with such an involvement that it feels our own. The beauty of capturing love is that it feels as dreamlike as adorably real.

It was early 2009 when we started telling stories of love, serendipity, and lifelong commitments, through our lenses. The groom and bride emotions or the collective tale of the unspoken, the mildly expressed, and the deeply-felt sentiments are so profound that we ultimately get lost in the euphoria.

Candid smiles, rehearsed steps, crazy jollity, polychromatic themes, starlit celebrations, and countless unique experiences materialise to create timeless memories. The joy of contentment is incomparable, for them whose stories we tell; And for us, too!

Your happiness is our gift. With each anecdote of the grand epic, every time, we get one more reason to smile, and our faith reinstates that ‘happily ever after’ is no more a fairy tale!